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Why are Transcripts so Important for Podcasts and Video?

audio and video transcripts

First of all, it’s worth reminding ourselves why podcasts and video are such great media for producing content.

Audio content such as podcasts can really help to create intimate and valuable relationships with listeners, and video is, quite simply, the future, with SmallBizTrends estimating that by 2019,   80% of all consumer internet traffic will be video.

But they do have their limitations (as do all forms of content actually).

One limitation is that not everyone loves audio and video, some people prefer to read.  Or the circumstances mean they are going to prefer to read sometimes (maybe they are in an office and it is difficult to listen to audio or watch video).

And the other main issue is that Google is not (yet) able to identify keywords from within audio and video content, and use this to rank search results.  Which means that, in SEO terms, audio and video on its own might be a bit weak.

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Why You Need Transcripts for Audio and Video Content

You should include transcripts with the majority of your audio and video content, because transcripts help you to get the SEO value you need – and to be honest you deserve – from producing great content..

Transcripts are easy to produce – if you need a transcript click here – and can be easily added to your content.

For example, when posting in WordPress, you can simply place your audio or video at the top of the post and then include a full transcript that appears immediately below the video.

This type of content can be incredibly powerful: not only do you have a great audio or video to engage your audience, but you also have the full transcript for those who prefer to read.  In addition, you are able to attract the Google Spider and move up in the search engine rankings.

And this is not just any content that you are turning into a transcript.  It is high-quality, specific, niche content that you have produced or outsourced.  It can also be significant in length.  A 30-minute podcast might produce a 4,500 word transcript (or “article”) to go along with the audio.  That’s a pretty hefty piece of content, and if it’s on the right subject it could help to bring more targeted traffic to your site for years to come.  Also, if you are talking about a relevant subject, imagine how many great keywords are going to appear naturally within that text.

How Much Do Video and Audio Transcripts Cost?

The other great thing about video and audio transcripts is that they are relatively cheap compared to other forms of content.  A 10-minute audio might only cost $10-$20 to produce, and result in a transcript of anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 words.  So the cost is going to be significantly lower than for a blogpost of the same length.

Integrating Transcripts Into Your Workflow

I find it becomes very easy to produce and use transcripts when they become part of your workflow.  For example, if you are producing a podcast or audio clip every week, then you will have to upload a podcast to a host such as, and then create a blogpost on your website.  As part of the blogpost, you can get into the routine of including the transcript, it’s as simple as that!

Next Steps

If you need transcripts for your audio and video content, or would like to discuss how to include transcripts as part of your content creation workflow, contact us today, and we’ll help you to get started!

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