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What is an SEO Editor?

What is an SEO Editor?

seo editor

An SEO Editor is someone who edits a text to include certain SEO characteristics (such as keywords, sentence length, title structure) to make the overall text more appealing to search engines.

Depending on the stage at which they participate in the process, the SEO Editor may have different skills.  For example, they could be an SEO Translator involved in translating the document and combining this with the SEO requirements, or they might be an SEO blogger, SEO copywriter or SEO content creator – someone who creates content from scratch with the SEO characteristics in mind.

The SEO Editor would normally come  in after a copywriter or writer has produced a text and refine the text before publication.

The SEO Editor should be a good writer, with an good understanding of SEO requirements.  For example, they should be very comfortable working in Contente Management Systems such as WordPress.

Why Do You Need an SEO Editor?

Employing a SEO editor can help you turn texts that are ineffective in SEO terms into blogposts that are fully optimized, have all the correct tags, use keywords in the appropriate manner and have a suitable keyword density.  All of these factors can make the webpages where the text appears feature much higher up in search engine results.  This can in turn can lead to increased traffic and conversions.

Performing an SEO edit is an important part of the content creation process, because without this stage a lot of effort might be wasted.  You might have spent hundreds of hours writing blogposts, but without some additional time working with an SEO editor, the results may be significantly lower than expected.  It’s not just about producing content, not even just quality content, but SEO-optimized quality content!

Where Can You Find an SEO Editor?

There are many places where you can find SEO Editors from online portals to local writers with SEO expertise.

Here at Big Box Content we work with a team of SEO Editors offering the following services:

  • Optimization of all written content
  • SEO Translation of all written content
  • Uploading content to clients’ websites
  • Optimization of all images
  • Correct tagging of posts and images
  • Review of heading tags

SEO Editors: Conclusions

However you decide to go about it, optimitizing your blogposts and articles for SEO is a really important step.  In my opinion, if you don’t spend the time to optimize your texts, you are simply throwing away the chance to appear at the top of Google!

If you would like help with editing your blogposts, articles and other written content, please get in touch using this contact form.

All the best!


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