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How to Prepare Trade Show Content for Maximum Impact

trade show content

Use Content to Spend Time with Your Audience in Advance

Trade shows are one of the best opportunities to personally meet with a highly qualified audience. In many cases shows are scheduled early, perhaps even years in advance. So an effective show experience requires planning ahead, which usually means updating some existing content, or creating new stuff. There is usually lots of time to get your customers and prospects ready for the show.

You put a lot of investment into the onsite show days and so does your audience. They attend the show for a variety of purposes, including learning from industry leaders, and finding new ways to utilize products and services like yours. As a show exhibitor, if you’re only focused on the event itself, you’re really missing the biggest opportunity.

Prepare your audience, in advance

Customized, focused content, like podcasts, videos, feature articles are a great way to begin connecting with your audience well in advance of the show. If customers and prospects in your industry see your content, hear your messages, learn from your experience, they will also see the value in your products or services. In this way you’re essentially strengthening your relationship with you audience, aka, building your brand. The show then becomes a much bigger opportunity to build on the advance effort you’ve put forth.

Imagine back in the old days, before the internet and social media. In the short few days during a trade show event, you had to educate your customers and prospects, introduce new products, find ways to get the most out of literally, minutes that you may have with them as they walk the large show floor.

Today, you can literally spend hours with the same customers and prospects in advance of the show, without leaving your office. You can do it on your schedule, and more importantly, on THEIR schedule.

Make the most of your trade show investment, by investing in content

Even when your customers and prospects are not on the phone with you, even when you’re not waiting in their lobby to meet them, you can spend time with them, like I’m spending time with you right now. In today’s content-on-demand world, you are the publisher. You can spend valuable moments educating, motivating, entertaining, updating, informing your audience.

But you have to be where they are, i.e. your content has to be where your customers and prospects will engage with it.

If you’ve been regularly creating content, i.e. telling your story to your audience(s), when you get to that trade show, your customers and prospects are already prepared to meet with you. They know about your products and services, and why you are preferable to the competition, who is also creating content, to promote their products and services.

So how are you telling your story NOW, to all those people who will be walking past your booth in just a few short months?

Here’s your show days checklist, on us!

Well, if you’re like most businesses, spending thousands to exhibit at at trade show, below are a few things you might be preparing to do just to get ready for the show days. Feel free to use this list. It’s a pretty complete one, which we’re happy to provide.

trade show checklist

  • Press releases – scheduled, written, distributed
  • Marketing pieces for products or services (new or updated)
  • Marketing pieces for products or services (show-specific)
  • New product or service landing pages on the web
  • Post show landing page – for show-related inquiries
  • Show announcements on your website
  • Press kits – existing materials updated, new press kits created
  • Case studies, testimonials, success stories
  • Media appointments for the show floor (stories and interviews)
  • Media contacts for show-related topics and articles (pre, during, post show)
  • Email invites to customers and prospects
  • Email news of new product or service announcements being launched at show
  • Personal emails to key customers and prospects
  • Blog posts, social media announcements, trade show topic conversations
  • Key customer show invites, free passes, and scheduled meetings
  • Set show speaking engagements
  • Create speaking materials and presentations
  • In-booth presentation slides
  • Booth and show messages – determine how to promote
  • Booth graphics updated – appropriate languages and messaging
  • Prepare booth giveaways
  • Prepare show promotions, contests and prizes
  • Plan partner co-marketing opportunities
  • Determine optimum lead profiles
  • Create lead follow up process and materials

Now, spend the year getting ready.

Yes, you’ve got your hands full getting ready for the next show. But don’t forget to prepare your audience well in advance. Big Box Content helps our clients produce quality, regularly scheduled content, so they are where their audience needs to find them, with the messages the audience needs to hear.

Get in touch, and we’ll help you create a whole other set of bullets, to reach your audience all year long.

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